About us

Since 1983

FOX Originals has been a household name in Dutch souvenir textile market since 1983. That year three hockey players including Canadian director Geoff Collier brought ‘American style T-shirt printing’ to Amsterdam. In a basement on the Prinsengracht is where they laid the foundation for the current company Fox Souvenirs.

For over thirty years Fox Souvenirs stands for craftsmanship and innovation in the field of developing and producing high quality souvenir textile products. Each year a very diverse collection of Adult, Ladies and Children T-shirts, polo’s, sweaters and caps is created by our extremely experienced designers. The collection is regularly updated with new designs to maintain the highest possible level of turnover in the stores.

The Netherlands and Internationally

The first city in which FOX Originals actively focused on selling souvenir textiles was Amsterdam. Expansion to other Dutch cities followed quickly. In the Netherlands you can find FOX Originals products in stores in for example Rotterdam, Volendam, the Keukenhof flower show, Madurodam and Schiphol Airport along with the many stores in the center of Amsterdam.

European export became a focus in 2004 and has been continually expanding. Fox Souvenirs is now active in almost twenty cities across Europe and will be adding 3-5 cities annually in the coming years.

Textile and ink

FOX Originals is an experienced design company and importantly an experienced textile printer! T-shirt designs with up to 14 colors is perfectly reproduced on all colors of t-shirts and sweatshirts. When developing collections we use many colors of textiles from Cool Black, Sport Grey and Blue Dusk to striking colors as Bright Green, Dark Pink and Turquoise.

Fox is constantly aware of the latest developments in materials, techniques and trends. That’s why in addition to our basic collection of T-shirts (Classic, Fitted, V-neck, Wideneck, Singlet, etc) a trendy fashion line has been developed. The fashion line distinguishes itself in material, print technique and fit.

In addition to the many different print colors used, special effects are often added. The ‘specialty inkts’ we use range from Glitter and Glow in the Dark to High Density and Puff 3D effect.