In our in-house studio our designers are constantly busy with designing and developing new designs. Each design consists of different print layers. The designers provide these color separations that are essential for the next part of the production process.

A color separation is printed as a film. In the picture you can see a shirt with the films that are needed to get the corresponding print. The upper film is to create the white foundation. The letters AMSTERDAM BIKETOWN then get a second layer of white ink and the pictured bike finally gets a layer of fluorescent orange ink.

Printing textile

The films are the basis for the screen frames. During the printing process ink lays on these screens. The grids of these screens consist of various degrees of coarseness. For example, a very detailed photo print requires a fine grid where bold text needs a coarse grid.

With highly advanced automated textile printing presses we create our high quality prints. With the rotating arms of these machines we can print up to 14 (!) colors per design.

When the textile is removed from the machine, the ink is often still wet. In order to let the ink dry as quickly as possible, the textile passes in about one minute through a dryer with a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius.


Fox Souvenirs strives to deliver all customers in a timely fashion. Scheduled deliveries are organized with all customers with a ‘never out of stock’ distribution as goal.

As the entire production process is realized in-house, our dependence on third parties is extremely limited. As a result, we are very flexible and able to respond quickly to rising demand. With our centrally located facility near to Amsterdam, we have the ideal location for the efficient distribution of our products.